Our Team

Who We Are?

We are committed to doing things in a way that can only be defined as the best in its class. As one of the best manufacturer and distributor of natural stone, our vast resources allow us to be a confident supplier for the natural flooring industry.

Our Mission

Our dedication and commitment to customer service remains as strong as ever and the core of our business and our culture.

Mr. Hossein Soltani
Mobile: +86 139 5553 8655

Mobile: +98 912 233 6863

Mobile: +61 467 415 323

Mr. Amirhamed Bahmanpour

Mobile: +98 912 188 3386

Mr. Brian Zhu 朱扬宇
Commercial Vice President

Mobile: +86 139 5553 8655

Mr. Kamran Kashvandi
Middle East Sales General Manager

Mobile: +96 894 407 346

Mobile: +98 912 298 1668

Mr. Shahab Meamari
Sales General Manager

Mobile: +98 919 101 9003

Mr. Farhad Ghiasvand
Marketing General Manager

Mobile: +98 919 108 3026

Mr. Mostafa Mortazavi
Production General Manager

Mobile: +98 912 821 0025

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